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Tired of attempting by yourself TV installation or furniture or equipment assembly and ending up missing a step or two and tearing everything down several times before you get all pieces put together correctly, or fearing it would fall down? We can drive to your place anywhere around this area and put ready-to-assemble furniture quickly together and offer professional help with any other renovations/installations you might need. It doesn't matter what brand the furniture is; we have put together all kinds of pieces and materials: furniture made by IKEA, Bush, Bestar, O Sullivan, etc; items from Staples, Office Depot, CB2, Crate & Barrel, Walmart, Target... we can also help with other kinds of installations:


Weekdays MINIMUM charge during business hours is $150 per visit or you can contact me with Make, model, size, quantities, location, etc, for a quote. Weekends minimum is $170.

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